What types of experiences do you have?
We offer fully immersive virtual reality experiences that allow you to interact with a multitude of environments. Guests can experience Virtual Reality in a room scale (free standing 8x8 room), race car (sitting), or multidirectional treadmill (you can walk, run, turn around within the different environments).

What do I get when I book a 30 minute or 1 hr session?
With a 30 minute session you receive 25 minutes of play time which can be shared between up to 2 guests. 1 headset is given, 1 person plays while the other gets to watch the other player via a screen. For 1 hr bookings, stations can be shared between up to 4 people for a total play time of 55 mins.

Can I play against my friend?
Yes you may! If you would like to enjoy multiplayer games we recommend you reserve 2 of the same station at the time of booking.

Will I get motion sickness?
While there are experiences that can cause motion sickness (roller coasters, racing, games with high elevated landscapes) there are plenty of other experiences you can choose from where motion sickness is not present. Feel free to ask our crew for recommendations if this is a concern!

What if I am not a gamer?
While Virtual Reality is known to provide great gaming experiences, at The Spot VR we wish to show case what the technology can do, beyond gaming. Therefore, we have educational experiences featuring science, biology, the arts, music, nature and much more.

Can I play more than 1 game?
Yes! You may switch your game all on your own once you have been set up with your handheld controllers and headset. In fact we encourage it! There is so much to do!

What if I’ve never done virtual reality?
Our crew provides you with a quick tutorial on how to use the controllers. The first time has a small learning curve and some games are easier to use than others. You have the ability to call for help right from the screen if you are having any troubles, and a crew member would be with you right away. 

How many experiences can I choose from?
We have over 40+ experiences and our list continues to grow as we continue to build our library. There’s always something new!

What types of experiences/games can I choose from?
We have a wide selection that’s constantly growing. The following are examples within different categories: 1. Sports; golf, tennis, soccer, football, boxing, pingpong, etc 2. Shooter games: first person shooters, games where you can shoot robots, zombies, even numbers! etc 3. Sword fighting and archery games 4. Scary/mystery/horror 5. Nature treks; under the sea, beach, walking with wild animals, etc 6. Science; human anatomy, frog dissecting, etc. 7. Racing; Project Cars 2 (one of the best racing simulators currently available) 8. Silly games; job simulator, riding a bull, milking a cow, etc. The list goes on!

Are walk-ins welcomed?
Absolutely! However, for the best experience and to minimize wait times we highly recommend booking online. You may also call us to make your reservation.

I booked! Now what?
That’s great! We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early prior to your booking to allow for check-in and equipment set up. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Are you handicap accessible!
Yes we are! Guests in wheelchairs can enjoy our room scales without a problem!